Digital Agora


Digital Agora explores critical questions affecting digital civil rights, social protocols in online interactions, surveillance, privacy, post-digital culture, creative commons, copyleft and hacktivism.


How are massive surveillance and privacy violations affecting us and how to fight against them? Did we sell our soul when signing the Terms and Conditions? How does our relationship with technology and social media influence our lives and relations? How to guarantee the accessibility to knowledge and freedom of expression in our societies?
- Free Software Culture

- Digital Activism

- Encryption/crypto-Anarchism
- Cryptocurrency
- Internet Security

• Methodology

- Open Content
- Free Software Tools
- Horizontal Assembly

• Datacenter

In the field trip to a data centre, students learn some disappointing, but essential, lessons about data privacy, data commodification, individual rights versus expediency, and the decentralized and alienating nature of information technology work.
Plenary meeting

Article about the field trip:
Teaching Decentralization in a Centralized Era

• ALT@31c3

We traveled with students of Digital Agora to the 31st Chaos Communication Congress, and spoke about ALT and Digital Agora at the Noisy Square assembly.
Lecture: Taking the crypto-pitchfork out of the squares and the hackerspaces and into the institutions

• Digital Agora Exhibition

To understand some of this questions, students of Digital Agora developed 20 projects that reflect from a critical perspective how technology and internet affect our contemporary lives. The exhibition addresses values and principles inherent to hacking, the Millenials generation and remix culture. Embracing the simultaneous assimilation of memes and funny posts together with imagery in war, despair and politics that are read simultaneously while scrolling through our feeds.
Digital Agora Exhibition
Review in Jegens&Tevens

• #TA3M

Techno-Activism Third Mondays (TA3M) is an informal meetup designed to connect software creators and activists who are interested in censorship, surveillance, and open technology. We presented the methodologies used in ALT and our recent projects.